Pandemic Survival Guide For Restaurants & Food Businesses

As a food business owner, you’re no doubt concerned about how CORONAVIRUS is affecting your business. Restaurant owners especially face challenges due to restrictions on gatherings of people, local quarantines and curfews, and just the general fearful atmosphere that has your most loyal patrons now fearful to leave their homes.

Nevertheless, people still have to eat.

While it’s hard to predict the future as things are changing so rapidly, it seems likely that many restaurants will remain open throughout this pandemic, if only in a limited capacity—i.e., for delivery and takeout. We’re here to help you weather out this storm so you can stay open, or at least stay in business.

Keep reading to learn how restaurants can adapt to new business conditions in the age of coronavirus.

3 Strategies To Keep Business Going In A Tough Time


Offering takeout and delivery is important when people do not want to dine-in or you’re unable to offer dine-in service due to the current emergency policy in your area. As mentioned, some governments are mandating that restaurant dining rooms close. You can offer a takeout and delivery option via our online restaurant ordering system.


This is a time to trim the fat and focus on just the essentials. This is the time to update your menu and drop high-cost/low-profit items, and slow-moving items. Focus on what’s cheap, popular, and in-season. Further reading: Disaster Survival In A Pandemic

Many restaurants are adjusting their hours to save money and also to minimize risk. You might consider temporarily closing during your least-busy days or hours to save costs, or getting nixing your happy hour when people would be less likely to practice social distancing.


This is the time to get on Social Media and use your online resources. Most businesses have an email list and/or a social media presence. Whether you are closing or staying open, be sure to communicate to your customers to let them know what precautions you are taking against coronavirus and any adjustments your business has made to your hours, sanitization policies, or anything else.

If your business is closing temporarily, you may just want to reassure customers that you will reopen when it’s safe and perhaps encourage them to purchase a gift card in the meantime.

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